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Physics and mathematics

of nonlinear processes and models

(University "La Sapienza" , Rome, Italy)













Associate Professor (Theoretical Physics)

Physics Dept., University of  Rome I  “La Sapienza,” Pl. A. Moro 2, 00185 Roma, Italy

Associate Researcher

INFN, Sezione di Roma, Pl. A. Moro 2, 00185 Roma, Italy


E-mail address: Mario.Bruschi@roma1.infn.it

Phone: **39-06-49914303
Fax: **39-06-4957697






Italian, born in 1948, male, married; associate Professor, Physics Dept., University of  Rome I  “La Sapienza”.


The scientific research activity has focussed on the following fields:

  • Integrable nonlinear evolution PD(D)Es (1975- ),
  • Hamiltonian dynamical systems (finite and infinite number of degree of freedom (1978-),
  • Functional equations (1976-   ),
  • Finite-dimensional representations of operators and related results on remarkable matrices, polynomials, special functions (1979- ),
  • Techniques for the numerical computation of the eigenvalues of differential operators (1983- ),
  • Cellular Automata (1985-),
  • Iterated maps (1990-),
  • Knots and their classification (1990-),
  • Solvable, integrable, linearizable many-body problems (1978-),
  • Automated treatment of information (classification, data retrieving, authorship attribution).

Other interests:  

  • scientific research on "anomalous cognition",
  • analogies between modern physics and ancient wisdom,
  • dream investigation.


Hobbies: archery,  poetry, painting.


  • "Le tre anime - Chi siamo, da dove veniamo, dove andiamo" - S. Nievo, U. Di Grazia, M. Bruschi - Armando Editore.
  • "Me(ta)Faust" - M. Bruschi - Ed. Gli Ennagoni

Some (selected) scientific papers:

    • "The non abelian Toda lattice (discrete analogue of the matrix Schroedinger problem)"(with S.Manakov, O.Ragnisco e D.Levi), Journal of Math. Phys. 21 (1980) pp.2749-2753 (MR 82b:58041-ZB 451:35054)
    • "Nonlinear differential-difference equations, Backlund transformations and Lax technique"(with O. Ragnisco), Journal of Physics A: Math. Gen. 14 (1981) pp.1075-1081 (MR 82j:58060 - ZB 471:35075)
    • "Nonlinear partial differential equations and Backlund transformations related to the 4 - dimensional selfdual Yang-Mills equation"(with D. Levi e O. Ragnisco), Lettere al Nuovo Cimento 33 (1982), pp.263-266 (MR 84h:58067)
    • "The Lax representation for an integrable class of relativistic dynamical systems" (with F. Calogero), Commun. Math. Phys. 109 (1987), pp. 481-492
    • "General analytic solution of certain functional equations of addition type" (with F. Calogero), SIAM J. Math. Anal. 21 (1990)
    • "On a method for computing eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of linear differential operators"(with R.G. Campos e E. Pace) Il Nuovo Cimento 105 B (1990), pp. 131-163
    • "Integrable symplectic maps"(with O. Ragnisco, P.M. Santini e Tu Gui-Zhang), Physica D - 49 (1991), pp 273-294
    • "Cellular automata in 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 dimensions, constants of motion and coherent structures"(with P.M. Santini), Physica D - 70 (1994), pp 185-209
    • "Knot symbols: a tool to describe and simplify knot diagrams" International Journal of Theor. Phys. 35 (1996) pp. 711-740
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    • "Integrable systems of quartic oscillators"(with F. Calogero) Phys. Lett. A 273 (2000) pp.173-182
    • "Solvable and/or integrable and/or linearizable N-body problems in ordinary (three dimensional) space" (con F. Calogero), J.of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics, V. 7, N. 3 (2000) pp.303-385
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    • "Cellular Automata” (con F. Musso), Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics, ed. J.P. Francoise, G. Naber, T.S. Tsun, Elsevier Publishing, UK, invited paper.